About Us

Wallace E. McBrien founded W. E. McBrien Inc. in the 60ís and incorporated the company in 1974. Glenn McBrien started working part-time for Wallace (his uncle) in 1977 at age 14 and began to work full time after completing his education.

Working from a shop in Markham, the company provided full service for fuel pumps, air compressors/pumps and hoists.

In 1991, Glenn bought the company form Wallace and has been running it since. In 1993, W. E. McBrien Inc. branched into lighting and electrical services and has continued to expand in that area.

In 2002, the company moved to Port Perry. We are located close to the 407 allowing us to offer fast, reliable service to our customers.

All service staff are fully licensed under TSSA and electricians are licensed by both TSSA and ECRA. All staff are POST certified.

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